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We are also a charity registered with the Charities house in England number: 1179035

Please donate generously for the house of Allah, so that we can continue to provide the services that we are providing and are a much need for the community.

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Bank Details (LLOYDS BANK)

ACC Name: Ghausia Centre

ACC no – 00819720,

S/C- 30-90-57

Use payment ref A-M (Annual membership)

Bank details for new building only:

ACC Name: Ghausia Centre,

ACC no – 29021160

S/C 30-90-57

Use payment ref N-B ( New Build )

We pray that this Ummah is granted relief and cure during this very difficult time. Azhar 07930 277252

Management Team Masjid Ghausia

Thank You

For continuity of services, Please donate generously.

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